Smart Grid musings

What if updating to smart grid also meant that your house would now be grounded at the main line, provided “clean” (reduced interference and line noise) to your electronics, and included an alarm system that could alert EMS to line damage that might indicate fire or major damage to your home. This type of system could also be helpful in large-scale disasters indicating the location and severity of the disaster to ensure those most affected areas received adequate resources immediately. Would you volunteer to upgrade your home to smart grid. Sure there are privacy concerns, but are they truly any more than those represented by your email account, Facebook, phone or credit/debit card? Probably not. Might this cost you more? Maybe. However, those cost increases might come with lower insurance rates…


Hello Holodeck Pilot

My curiosity got the best of me this week. I purchased an XBox and a Kinect. I was leery at first there were many comments about lag early on, so I held off. Then many articles were posted about what people were doing with the technology. I became interested. Then I read consumer comments, they were favorable overall. I tend to be an early adopter, I know this is basically a paying beta tester. I just feel like I should invest in technology  that I think is going in the right direction. I enjoy having fun with it and it is more fun than investing in start-up. I owned one of the first hybrid cars, I’m an iPad owner, and I owned a Sharp Zaurus back in the day.

Anyway, I have felt like we were moving toward the Demolition Man version of the future for a while. I will spend 1/2 an hour happily jogging submersed in virtual environment via Wii and 50-inch Plasma. No tripping over sidewalks, stopping for cars, dogs, or sun burns. I have a dedicated room with exercise mat flooring to reduce knee strain and a roomba to keep the floor clean for yoga and the like.

I imagined a far more interactive environment of the future emerging in my lifetime. Now I own the Holodeck Pilot. I am now looking forward to a dog training program and sending my avatar to work. Oh and Google I want that self driving car. I must have something to hold me over until teleporters are available. I hope I have the restraint to not be an early adopter of the teleporter. I know credible good reviews and affordability will be the only thing to hold me back.

Until then I have the Holodeck reserved for the afternoon.

The Editor

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