DVC:Buy, resale, or rent

I lately got the Disney Vacation Club(DVC) bug. I really wanted to buy-in, but I’m pathologically cheap. I did the math which I have included for you below. Fact is, even with Consumer Reports’ blessing, it is not a “good” buy. At least not if you buy from Disney.

My purchase numbers are based on 100 points. Disney price per point and fees are listed. Resale purchase points were assumed to be $75 per point, which is really too low to exist in the wild for these resorts. All fees and prices are based on 2016 figures. The fees were assumed to increase an optimistic 2% per year. I used the same rate of increase for the 10 years rent.

Name           Studio-Low   Yearly Fees PP  Disney PP  Daily Rent  Contract end
Polynesian         16        $6.09              168       224         2066
Grand Floridian    17        $5.52              170       238         2064
Bay Lake Tower     14        $5.05              170       196         2062
Beach Club         15        $5.97              155       210         2042
Boardwalk          10        $6.07              155       140         2042
Ft Wilderness      15        $6.03              155       210         2042
Name          10 years of fees          Total Disney     Total Resale
Polynesian         $6,668.38             $23,468.38        $14,168.38
Grand Floridian    $6,046.00             $23,046.00        $13,546.00
Bay Lake Tower     $5,530.05             $22,530.05        $13,030.05
Beach Club         $6,542.24             $22,042.24        $14,042.24
Boardwalk          $6,650.31             $22,150.31        $14,150.31
Ft Wilderness      $6,597.32             $22,097.32        $14,097.32

So what if we just rent DVC points? The going rate seems to be $14 so that was the number used for 2016.

Name                Weekly Rent         10 years
Polynesian             $1568          $19,080.55
Grand Floridian        $1666          $20,273.08
Bay Lake Tower         $1372          $16,695.48
Beach Club             $1470          $17,888.01
Boardwalk              $980           $11,925.34
Ft Wilderness          $1470          $17,888.01

Resale appears to be the way to go in most cases up to about $125 per point. The exception is the Boardwalk where it appears to be cheaper to rent.

Now if you camp at Ft. Wilderness, like we do, all this just proves that camping/RVing can’t be beat price-wise. The 2017 cost for an RV ┬áspace comes in at $466.90.

I won’t swear by these numbers as I just put them together. Making this post pointed out several weaknesses. Please feel free to double check and point out errors. I hope you find this helpful.