Google Voice and Skype a Winning Combo

I learned a couple of things today about my Google Voice and Skype. My Skype calling subscription is expired but my Skype number is active. Meaning people can call me I just cannot call them. I set up Skype as a back-end for my Google Voice. Google Voice will give you a number but it is unusable if it is not attached to a number that you can answer. Think of the Google Voice front-end as a public number that allows you to filter calls and set calling hours. Google voice also has a voice mail that can be transcribed and sent to email. Email missed call alerts are available as well. Anyway, back what I realized today; I do not need a Skype calling subscription and a Skype number only the Skype number. If I want to make US calls I can just use my Google Voice, which will call my Skype number which I can pick up to make a call. For those of us with internet this means $60 a year phone service (that does not interrupt us at dinner). I also have a 3 months subscription for 60 minutes of calls to Ireland which reduced the cost of the Skype number to $30 for the year. This is pretty great because the Ireland subscription cost under $4.


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